Homeowners Documents and Forms

Grove Park is managed by Lighthouse Properties. Homeowner questions and concerns should be directed
to Lighthouse Properties.

All exterior changes to your home and property must be approved by the Architectural Committee.

Watering Restrictions

Do not water between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00p.m.
​Source:  Orange County Water Restrictions website


For neighborhood safety, the HOA is asking all residents to try to limit street parking.  You can do this by parking cars in garages and driveways.  

The WG Fire Department recently had trouble accessing our streets when responding to an emergency because of the number of vehicles parked on the street.

Painting your Home?

The HOA currently does not have a list of approved
colors.  What some others in our neighborhood have done is to drive around and find a house with a color you like and try to match it with paint sample charts/swatches.

To get it approved, the best method is to buy a small quantity of the body and trim and apply to the rear wall about the size of a basketball, to ensure it's pretty neutral/natural. Paint stores usually sell a very small sample and not require a quart. Take a picture (or just scan the paint swatches) and send it in with your Architectural Review application.

Please e-mail the form to  ARC@towersmgmt.com

The Grove Park HOA is aware that there are several homes that are currently having to be re-painted due to stucco damage.  We will do our best to approve all applications as quickly as possible.

Stone Crest Forms

Grove Park is part of the Stone Crest community.
​Stone Crest is managed by
Southwest Property Management.

​If you have any questions about the pool, tennis courts or clubhouse, you can contact:
   Property Manager email: Susan@swpmcfl.com
   Property Manager mailing address:

          P.O. Box 783367  Winter Garden, FL 34778-3367

Homeowners Association

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​​​​​Waste Collection

Garbage collection: Tuesday / Friday
Recycling collection: Tuesday
Yard Trash: Wednesday

In keeping with our HOA rules, please store your garbage cans so they are not visible from the street.

Street light out?
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